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Comments on 300

Interesting. I’ve been getting a barrage of comments on my “300” post that mostly consist of people telling me to “chill out, it’s only a movie”. I have no idea who these people are and they have obviously only read post and not the entirety of my blog. I’m a media studies scholar. I’m a media literacy expert. It is my job in life to read the context of things on a grander scale than those prescribed. Of course, it’s only a movie but if we don’t contextualize the entertainments we’re being fed, then we aren’t aware of what we’re being told to think. America doesn’t create entertainment to entertain you. This is a capitalist society that creates commodities that serve the greater needs of the prevailing power structures. It depends on us being sheep and having no/low critical thinking skills to go to jobs to make a pittance of what someone is making on your backs. During the 1940’s the medium of film was the most powerful propaganda machine for creating support for WWII. Do not think for a second that Hollywood is there to entertain you. It is there to sell you things. Lifestyle particularly. So for all of those who find it necessary to leave me comments simply about “300” who haven’t read my thesis or any of my other work, while I appreciate your visit, you can save your typing time. Your comments are simply annoyances if they hold no serious critical comments. Thanks.

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