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Emails, A Retrospective

For some reason my email program will randomly pull up all the emails off the server. So when I check it I have like 700 “new” messages from like months ago. As this happened today it gave me a chance to see what kind of crap I really receive. Most of them make me long for the life I had when those services or that information was something useful.

These are the ones that hurt. They hurt when I’ve put $1200 worth of clothes in my Nordstrom bag. Now, I totally did this before, but then I could get a little sumthin’ sumthin’. It hurts when Eco-Tulum, my favorite cheap Mexican getaway is giving away rooms for like $25 a person for our 4 person palatial cabana right on the beach (and tix to Cancun are $87 each way and everybody wants to go but nobody has any money or time).

But there are the ones I do use and relish more now than I did before:

And finally the ones I can do without that will never go away:

So now that I’ve re-deleted them. I’m going to look on them with fond memories. I’ll still put some shoes in some baskets. I actually have tens of thousands of dollars in shopping carts all over cyberspace. It’s my virtual shopping that I pay for with all of my winnings from internet poker.

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