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See ya Leverage

I’d been meaning to write you before this, and just like with Heroes, my tardiness (okay, laziness) has lead you to destruction.  I saw it happening but instead of talking to you about it, I just ignored the problems you were having.  I figured, Leverage is smart.  It’ll find it’s sea legs.  That cutsey music will go.  Someone will hear it as LOUDLY as I do.  But no.  I let you down and for that I apologize.  

But you know you shouldn’t have started using that music.  & you shouldn’t have boo-ed everybody up.  Parker & Hardison as a couple is annoying.  So are Nate and Sophie.  It was boring.  

The jobs were stupid this season, except the finale (natch).  I’d hear the set-up and not only turn it off, but INSTANTLY delete it.  I guess I’ll catch them someday, but I didn’t want them hogging up so much DVR time.  

And I say all of this because, I really loved you.  I got a bunch of my friends to watch you and they told their friends.  That Season 2 boost in ratings, you’re welcome. 

But I know I’ll see you all soon.  I’m really going to miss you.  Hardison, Parker, Elliot.  You guys will work and you’re good, so good luck.  

I’m so not worried about Nate (he has an Oscar already). Sophie can ago on Downton if she wants (which I suggest) or spend some time with her baby.  These are the good years.

So I say adieu to you.


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