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Highlights of our Masterclass with Isaac Densu, Commissioning Editor, All 4 Shorts

I wrote this for The TVCollective @  Simone Pennant is doing the good work.

Snippet of recent MasterClass with Isaac Densu on Monetising your Online content.

Isaac Densu commissioner from Channel 4’s All4Shorts recently joined us for a #TVCMasterclass taking us on a whistle stop tour of all things online.

Isaac spoke extensively about his role at Channel 4 and the projects he has been involved with.  Rich Kids go Shopping being one of the most popular shorts series not only because it hit the 16-25 year old demographic, but also chimed with the brand of the station and it’s thumbnail a instant audience grabber.

MasterClass Highlights:

Nine things to consider when pitching to Isaac or anyone at the AllShorts at Channel 4:

Shorts Tariff: £3k per airing, £18k for the series.

Want to avoid broadcasters and go it alone? Isaac top tips for monetising your content:

“If creative professionals were to get together bringing with them their fans and followers to one central location, think of the potential audience they would have”. 

“Imagine walking into an advertising agency telling them you have 400 hours of premium content and to find advertising to fit around it”.

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