Cult of Personality, Inc

Here's my business proposal that I wrote for a class (Cultural Criticism) in the early aughts. Ironically enough, I was totally onto something and should have searched out a VC company for it. BTW, DON'T STEAL MY IDEA, I'll gladly sell it. In the late 21st century the marketing arena changed from a capital based … Continue reading Cult of Personality, Inc

Saturday, I really saw Ice T at the Barbican

12 Movements: Ask your Mama [I didn’t take out my notebook until after what would have been an intermission, so about halfway through. We’d had a few drinks while watching Liverpool beat the stuffing out of Man City so we were on top of the world.  This is what I scribbled in my notebook.] Ice-T … Continue reading Saturday, I really saw Ice T at the Barbican

Why is Judge Judy on in England so much?

In my unemployed, I guess I’d be called a housewife; only I’m not necessarily cleaning or cooking. I’m washing hella dishes and not averse to putting a load of clothes in the machine. But mostly I’m applying for jobs, trying not to beat myself up for not becoming an investment banker and having a soul, … Continue reading Why is Judge Judy on in England so much?

Her Name Sounds Like

new growth

“Who chooses black women first and wins?” — Esther Armah

“Video helps us scan events; film expresses a worldview.” — a very beloved professor of mine

My friend and I were stopped by the police while sitting in his car, edge of Brooklyn, last hours of June.  Their car confronted ours, lights flashing and all. I cursed and immediately got into a look calm, no sudden movements pose. Irritated and mildly resigned and probably really scared.  I let him answer all the questions.  What are you guys doing here?  Where are you from?  You don’t have anything in the car do you?  I just stayed silent.

It was over as quickly as it started.  We pulled off, minutes later, in search of milkshakes. We both tried to act like we weren’t scared, but I know the deal.  Even if nothing “happened” to us, the climate right now is one of terror.  I haven’t…

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My $.64 on that lady that needn’t be named

Today some crazy racist terrorist went into a Black church, prayed with some people then shot them. That's real. In a state with no hate crime laws. That's real. Will they fly their Confederate flag at half-mast? Real question. So let's put this silly bitch to bed.  I'd written it a few days ago for this website, … Continue reading My $.64 on that lady that needn’t be named