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  • I grew up in Chicago and carried my big city with a small town feel with me to Brooklyn. It’s what lead me to begin Tell Me a Story in my neighborhood bar.
  • Kicked and screamed my way to U of C Lab School. Had to write a gratitude list everyday. It took me many years to be grateful for having to do that.
  • I graduated from Howard University with some of the best minds of this generation that I get to call my friends, colleagues and creative inspirations.
  • There I realized I wanted to write like James Baldwin and Walt Whitman.
  • I’ve worked in production my whole life because I love telling stories. And I met Biggie Smalls/ The Notorious B.I.G. my first day of production work. I was hooked. I’ve done every job in production from creative briefs to post.
  • In the Art Department on films, tv shows, commercials, and music videos we tell stories about the space that characters live in. We create their worlds for the actors and the viewers. We make their memories manifest. I love that job.
  • I am an expert about Blacks in the Media. All media until the turn of the century. If there’s anything I don’t know, I have every resource available to find out more. Seriously, ask me.
  • I’ve read most of the internet so you don’t have to. Looking for something? I’ll find it. Research is my thing.
  • I’m loving the ID Channel right now. I like to pick apart the commercials and discover where “Wives with Knives” is posited in the larger cultural context.
  • I often root for the bad guy.
  • As a storyteller I’m passionate about people connecting with my story in their lives. I love when someone comes up to me after a story and tells me they can relate and that it reminded them of something they’d been through too.
  • I’ve also moved to England to live with my beautiful husband, but I don’t want to pay for The Queen’s birthday parties.