Call to Action: Tell Me A Story


Before I left Brooklyn, I had a storytelling night at Bar Sepia called Tell Me A Story. It grew out of wanting to connect with my community.

I’ve been wanting to start collecting stories for a while now and didn’t know how to go about starting. This is how I start.

I want to hear from women that you think other women need to know. I’ve learned so much in this life because someone shared a story with me. From how my body was changing to the bits of beauty in simple everyday things to a recipe you NEED to pass on (I will make the food too).  When I hear someone else has had a similar experience it’s made me know I’m not alone and feel more deeply how we’re all connected.

Any stories really. Let’s create some dialogues. I’ll do my best to keep it safe and we will have differing opinions on things. But I want us to be a safe space.

And, of course, feel free to be anonymous. I’m just trying this out.  And thanks in advance.

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