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What a fun show. It’s on BBCAmerica here and it’s everything you want it to be. It’s total trash TV, but reminds me of why I’d liked Sex in the City before it became a bobble headed fashion orgy. It was about friends who seemed to be real girlfriends. They talked to each other in the ways my friends talk to me. Only they’re all really kinda screwed up and screwing all the wrong people (except maybe for Trudi, who’s my hands down favorite).

You can learn about the ladies here and then I don’t have to do all that typing.

Anyway, what I really love about the show is that they do everything I don’t want them to do, but know they’re going to do. The story lines are so easy to follow, it’s like watching TV in the ’80’s. Only without the shoulder pads. You watch these women make the wrong choices and turn your head, but not the channel. It does have a lot of cringe worthy scenes like, Trudi coming down the stairs in a teddy and garters to seduce Richard when he’s getting his garden chairs returned by his neighbor. Sam bringing Katie roses to work (where she’s his doctor and their relationship is completely inappropriate, besides the fact that she was sleeping with his father before she helped euthanize him) and then kissing her in her office. Jessica almost throwing up in the mouth of the lesbian she’s kissing to make her lesbian lover, Alex, jealous at Alex’s wedding. Siobhan almost getting caught making out with her co-worker on the roof of their job.

Delicious. The second season begins soon and then I’ll do a week to week (or so) rundown of the episodes. And although Wikipedia boned me on the spoiler tip, I still want to see what happens with Trudi’s dead (?) husband’s lover and kid. What’s Siobhan gonna do about being pregnant with Dominic when her husband Hari has slow swimmer? Even though I knew Katie was gonna sleep with Sam, what’s gonna happen now? And poor pretty Jessica, she’s a bit of a mess right now isn’t she?

More to come….

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