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I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before- Thesis Prelude

i have an entire thesis i need to have published and out there…
why not put it here. duh!! and i have to look at my friend’s pictures and write stories from them. since i’m languishing in office hell, i’m trying to do something that doesn’t involve eating. i’m bored gordeless and don’t really understand how people do this. there is no sense of connection internally for me. i’m counting time when i have nothing else to do and this is an acceptable behavior because there’s going to be times that there’s nothing to do. it’s inherent to the job. interesting. i learn so much about myself when i’ve been somewhere sitting for more than 5 days. when i’m not busy, i just want out. i can’t imagine how the sitting and collecting money helps anyone and why would they want you to do it. just to be a body here? that sounds silly. worker bees must be more productive when they aren’t miserable. and this place reeks of misery. sure it’s one of the hippest trips in america… but my sweet lord.

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