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i’m standing in times square, in front of 1515 broadway, watching kanye west’s video for “gold digger” on a crystal clear movie theater sized screen in gorgeous HD. the video show beautiful, sexy, shiny, thin half dressed black women done up like pin-up girls. jamie foxx and kanye are just singing and the captions show the song lyrics “i’m not saying she’s a gold digger, but she ain’t messing with no broke niggaz”… hmmm. interesting. okay, oh, here come the girls again. so i look up and then i look at the street. these aren’t the women i see walking down the street. only women coming out of 1515 even vaguely resemble these shiny, sexy, gyrating girls. the women i see are tired, overweight, run down, leaving work or on their way to work. they don’t want to hear some spoiled brat pontificating the benefits of dating poor men because of the ambitious look in his eyes. but who are these women? who are these men? and why must i be subjected to this when i’m walking down the street or going to work. granted, i work at mtv this week, but i don’t watch mtv in public. yet how can i complain about one of the most mediated spaces in the world being more mediated? because i can.

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