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24 Nov, 2015

Saturday, I really saw Ice T at the Barbican

12 Movements: Ask your Mama [I didn’t take out my notebook until after what would

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9 Oct, 2015

TMI #1

Yesterday I an older lady was rushing to get to the bathroom. She went in

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14 Apr, 2015

Bay of Married Pigs, ugh Carrie

It’s the episode where Carrie goes to the Hamptons to visit married friends and her

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11 Feb, 2015

[gallery] quarkhenares:it’s that time of the year again… nevver: Honest Best Picture Nominees Posters

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5 Feb, 2015

My Favorite Things on TV now are commercials

I love them.  They used to be what I turned away from but now I

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5 Feb, 2015

What is our legacy?

I do a lot of thinking about where we alleged hip hop generationers are headed. I’m

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29 Jan, 2015


I didn’t want to see Selma because I was raised on the Civil Rights Movement

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26 Jan, 2015


I hate Redtails. I wanted to throw something at the screen. I resent having my

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8 Jan, 2015

To address race in America, we have to grapple honestly with our history

I’m bookmarking this here because these are all issues that must already be understood, I

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19 Dec, 2014

Good Wife Season 2 Episode 1

So I love Good Wife.  I’ve just watched the first season again and it’s super

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