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Saturday, I really saw Ice T at the Barbican

12 Movements: Ask your Mama

[I didn’t take out my notebook until after what would have been an intermission, so about halfway through. We’d had a few drinks while watching Liverpool beat the stuffing out of Man City so we were on top of the world.  This is what I scribbled in my notebook.]

Ice-T is here!


Yes. That Ice-T!

It’s the dozens.


Music: there were moments when it felt like the bass player was looking at the screen when a bass player came on and he was mimicking him. My eye went to the two of them.

The poems are lyrical. So lyrical that as a lyricist Ice-T can’t help but sing them. But it’s not sing songy.

They totally need an intermission. It’s a lot of information too. It needs a breather.

Blues, Afro-Brazilian, classic jazz quartet. Horn as voice. Ogun. “To the village of an anglo”. [Note to self: Langston Hughes tour (where he’s been, like the ones about the black expats in Paris)]

Cha Cha

White marshmallow drumsticks. Softer sound but cymbals have more ting drum solo during the Gods piece. DRUMS!!!

Sojourner   images-7

“Investigate them negroes, who brought them Doberman Pinschers.”


In the quarter of the negroes

Sister Betty in her black veil almost got me.


It always gets me.

[I want the pictures (there’s a slideshow on a screen between Ice T and the band. Ron McCurdy as voice and horn) to tell a story they should follow Langston’s studies & experiences. Moorland Spingarn Library/ HU.]

Brits need you to play an instrument fast and with passion to clap. Like they have to feel you earned it. Or when familiar riffs are played. And this guy [piano player] is cheap.

some song I don’t know or know in some other concoction. Cheap. Jingoistic and Langston would have hated it. Or loved it, nah, I don’t think so.

Astute audience? I guess…***face scrunch***

Spread the Gospel of Langston!


Ice T: music is too segregated and he hates a musical snob. music is here to make you feel good. Ice is having a baby this week.

Mood 12

Lindy hop, Savoy needed. Crisis covers.

There was a lady in our balcony section clapping and responding. But she might have been drunk.


So there you have it. I saw Ice T at the London Jazz Festival performing Langston Hughes at the Barbican with a jazz quintet.  What a sentence!! I need to find the visual producers Jumbo Arts Productions. If you know them, gimme a shout.


Why is Judge Judy on in England so much?


In my unemployed, I guess I’d be called a housewife; only I’m not necessarily cleaning or cooking. I’m washing hella dishes and not averse to putting a load of clothes in the machine. But mostly I’m applying for jobs, trying not to beat myself up for not becoming an investment banker and having a soul, and watching TV.

We have SkyTV now, but when we were in “the other house”, I would see that Judge Judy was on and get struck by a longing I hadn’t expected. I didn’t really watch her at home as I had Judge Milian and Judge Hachette. Naturally, as a single woman, Divorce Court was a warming panacea reinforcing my choice to wait for MY dude. Hell, there were even cases of whether the people should even get married or not.

But Judge Judy, comparatively, was the man. Her old school insistence on having a job and not having babies out of wedlock had a certain Judge Mathis/ Joe Brown type of respectability politic built into it. It came on CBS and was for me the judicial equivalent of yelling, “get offa my lawn”.

That was til I came here. And I got older and although I don’t have a lawn, I wouldn’t want any darn fool kids playing on it.

But why is she on so much here? I can watch Judge Judy (and ANY of the Law & Order franchises- even Trial by Jury & LA) at almost anytime of the day here in the Blighty.

Is this to teach Britons with their barristers and House of Lords  how superior our legal system is? I don’t really understand this system as it’s not an actual democracy, I don’t think…but who am I kidding, neither is ours.

But why Judge Judy? Over our myriad other sitting know it alls? In watching her so much now, I think I get it. She’s such a boomer it’s not even funny. And it’s weird for me to think of her as such, but she is.   But while she gets what “the kids do” she doesn’t approve and still has a certain amount of Victorianism about her. Maybe it’s the robes. She doesn’t understand text messaging or why people use such bad language in it. (Thank God for Bird who’s there as her protector, translator and straight man.)

Which brings us to race. I know, I know, but if you don’t want to read about race and TV, you’re in the wrong place buddy.

I can tell when she’d made up her mind already based on how someone looks and sounds. Watching older ones I can see more compassion during the financial crisis then I can now as she suggests to the unemployed to go collect cans.

If a woman has more than 2 fathers of their children (try writing that sentence, awkward), I heard her tell a woman “you’ve been around the block a few times, madam”. Black man with cornrows…he’d better have an MBA and a shoebox worth of receipts.

More on this later.