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What is our legacy?

I do a lot of thinking about where we alleged hip hop generationers are headed. 

I’m a little obsessed with it. And not just as far as race, but relationships particularly. And I’m understanding that hip hop gen’rs aren’t relegated to blacks. Those of us who were raised around it and it’s infiltrated our psyche’s.

Coretta Scott King died today. What does that mean for us? What has that legacy left for us? The idea of “Black Leadership” is so obsolete because it assumes a homogeny that has been obliterated by the progress made during the civil rights movement. Our moving from the back of the bus into “mainstream” society has mainstreamed many of our ideas and behaviors as well. And these behaviors don’t have a single point of reference to be a rallying point as they did before desegregation.

So what happens when we can go anywhere our money can take us? Well that getmore to the point. I believe our segragation is now based on economics. I was raised middle class but my life choices don’t support my tastes and mores. What about poor people? This is real. We don’t like talking about poverty- real poverty that doesn’t’ have anything to do with how much money you have. The poverty that lives in one’s mind.

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