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Good Wife Season 2 Episode 1

So I love Good Wife.  I’ve just watched the first season again and it’s super satisfying especially since I’m current on the new episodes.  I bing re-watched the 1st season yesterday and I’m not going to get into every detail here.

In this episode I can barely watch Eli delete Will’s message.  Ugh.  That makes it so Sam and Diane will they won’t they and I know they will and how fucked it ends and I wish they had that time together.  Life’s too short. 

Forgot how much Peter and Alicia were into each other.  Respected each other.  How he respects her opinion despite doing her so dirty.  They brought it back around with the new scandal and reminding us why we’re here in the first place.  Alicia’s evolved so much I’d forgotten how green she was, how torn she was, and lonely.  

And what a terrific lawyer she is.  I think I’ll continue watching this Good Wife.

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