In Speech to N.A.A.C.P., Bush Offers Reconciliation – New York Times

In Speech to N.A.A.C.P., Bush Offers Reconciliation – New York Times

Ha-What? Do I still live in the 21st Century? This is an age when I can sit here all day, playing in my computer and come up with all kinds of information. Now I understand that this guy is theoretically “running the country” but we all know the truth about that one. Did he really just defer to Karl Rove like that? No… that couldn’t be so.
So let me get this straight:
I am supposed to believe that the “extension” of a law that protects my rights as an American citizen is bridge building?
Wait a minute… what would have happened had it not been extended? Would I have to recite the capital of all 50 states to be able to vote? Would my voting rights be revoked? Why do we still have this anyway… It’s not about registering to vote it’s about motivating people into believing their vote counts and that their voices will be heard. People don’t get bopped over the head anymore to register. They’re just hard pressed to go on a Tuesday morning to vote for someone that’s not going to do anything to change their lives in any tangible way.
This is all some bullshit. More bullshit to get black people’s heads away from the fact that more hell is being raised in the middle east and more black people are going to die because of it. If we don’t get our heads out of the past, our actions out of the past the future is going to eat us alive. I thank God everyday that I don’t have to suffer the inhumanities my parents did. They worked hard to make sure I, not only, didn’t know that kind of hatred but also had a healthy love for justice and the truth. Only they couldn’t train me for this new form of racist/ classist insidiousness. I might not be called a nigger (that often) but people certainly attempt to treat me like one. Like our current administration. That guy, GW, is so busy blaming history for his ignorance and lack of concern for a group of HUMAN BEINGS… I don’t know why I’m allowing that to make me angry. He does it all over the planet to anyone who’s not part of his clique. Oh, but I remember why I’m allowing it to upset me: CAUSE I DO VOTE. I’m from Chicago and I vote early and often and it still didn’t work.
I have to think more on this and see what else I’m supposed to be paying attention to while this is being waved beneath our noses. I bet they’re gonna pull OJ out of a hat soon… They tried a little Michael Jackson business, but it didn’t move us past Lebanon.

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