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So reinvention is heavy on my mind again. When I think about Chicago, I know I can do it. Go back more traveled, less known and so some society. But not like the Links, something entirely new with the same kind of social mores. I do think this is somehow part of my deal. I have had a dream of society, but I need to define what it is. I want to create my own with it’s own rules, but only exclusionary to a point of behavior and belief. (Oh no Charity. That’s not megalomaniacal at all. Everyone wants to recreate society.) Since ghetto is the rule rather than the exception it must be the point of departure for rule creation. So we have to define what ghetto is in order to destroy it and see what we shan’t be. But I’m actually more interested in value systems than behaviors. Values define our behaviors. So what do I want to propagate?

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