This was supposed to be about RuPaul’s Drag Race, but instead it’s all STARRBOOTY

But then this most excellent piece of fluff found it’s way to me and now… I’m hooked. I wish I was Cornisha (well, sort of? maybe? for like, a little while, but not too long cause… well…you’ll see). I love STARRBOOTY.


While writing I just had Starrbooty playing in the background and guffawed coffee onto my computer screen. Ru is the best at high camp, fierce drag without forgetting her black girl roots. Besides the fact that I need to get a t-shirt that says “if RuPaul is a man… then what am I?”

The cliff notes version is that Starrbooty’s adopted niece, Cornisha, was kidnapped from Tuskegee Institute of Technology. Starbooty must go undercover as a prostitute to infiltrate the prostitution ring run by her arch nemesis make-up maven Annaka Manners (played by the beautiful Candis Cayne) who is selling the prostitutes body parts on the black market. Hi-jinks ensue. Starr finally confronts Annaka and learns that she and Cornisha staged the whole kidnapping together to get back at Starr. Then Starr reveals that Annaka is her sister (“You’re my sister ka-bitch. KABOOM!) and Cornisha’s mother. “My mother, my lover, my mother, my lover, my mother and my lover.” Operating room, chase scene, my favorite line:

Annaka: Well then bring it.
Starr: It has been bringed.

A fight scene and the conclusion. (Because I really want you to watch it. Someone else has to have this kind of joy in their lives.)

All in all, I’ve got a whole soundtrack for the summer and a treat for when I look at my mutual funds and get a case of the postpartum depression (sans baby). I think it should get a Grammy, Oscar, Tony and NAACP award. But I’m also completely in love with Ru as STARRBOOTY.

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