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A little about ER

I posted this comment on the Critical Condition website in reference to breaking up with a show you once loved:
My break-up with Heroes has been long and drawn out. I won’t watch, or I’ll watch during the commercials of 24, then call my little sister screaming into the phone how much I hate the show. I worked out my catharsis here, but there’s an even bigger offender on NBC.
You all know, it’s the elephant in the room: ER. I’ve broken up with this show so many times in the last 15 years that I had to give the last season a try. Every week is more painful than the last. Why introduce new characters at the end? What are they thinking? I want the helicopter that took Romano out to come back and wipe out the whole hospital.
This season they give me Angela Bassett and Courtney B. Vance as the pretty brown couple I want to watch but I know, I’ll never know. I won’t mourn them like I did Mark Green. I don’t care about any of these people.
And the people I did care about have randomly shown up with so weakly, it’s like seeing someone you used to love only to realize you don’t know them anymore. Hey Carol, Hey Doug. Bye Carol, Bye Doug. Oh, did you guys get married? Hey Carol what exactly do you do? Oh, I see, you can’t tell me. Oh, because the writers don’t care about me having any real closure. Oh, I see.
Every week of “television history” I’m hoping it’ll go all Hill Street Blues. Really, Neela and Ray. Give me a break. Carter has a million, billion dollars. The needing a kidney was a really wack way to reintroduce him. And Benton.
So, next week is the real last week. And I’m going to watch it, I’ve been doing it for half of my life. But in the immortal last word of Mark Green, it’s “shit”.

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