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I’m a Cheater

I always have been. Not on tests or anything important like that. But usually, the overlap time with boyfriends can be a little sketchy. And I also go back with them several years after we’ve broken up.

I tell you this as I’m watching Heroes. And I watched it last week too. I know, I know I keep railing against it. I still believe in redemption. I still believe it’s going to get better. Last week was totally worth it because I got to see Daphne (who I hated) die. Great week. Hiro got a little of his powers back, thanks to Matt Parkman’s baby. Good job. No Claire, and more Angela Petrelli. There was even a little Swoosie Kurtz to just sweeten the pot.

This week there is Claire, but it’s Claire and Nathan bonding as father and daughter- drinking and playing drinking games for money. Now, we’re getting somewhere. Angela and Peter spend some quality time at church and together, reflecting. It’s aPetrelli family reunion and everyone’s not acting like the Medici family. They’re actually doing a little of the bonding work necessary to bring the show back together. I have hope again.

Sylar’s a shape shifter now. Scary. And working for the “bad guys”. Ironic, no?

So, maybe we just needed a break. I needed to know emotionally that I could walk away from it if I needed to. It’s gonna take some time for me to rebuild the trust again, but I’m listening and not automatically erasing it out of DVR.image

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