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I’m a cheater

I always have been. Not on tests or anything important like that. But usually, the overlap time with boyfriends can be a little sketchy. And I also go back with them several years after we’ve broken up.

I tell you this as I’m watching Heroes. And I watched it last week too. I know, I know I keep railing against it. I still believe in redemption. I still believe it’s going to get better. Last week was totally worth it because I got to see Daphne (who I hated) die. Great week. Hiro got a little of his powers back, thanks to Matt Parkman’s baby. Good job. No Claire, and more Angela Petrelli. There was even a little Swoosie Kurtz to just sweeten the pot.

This week there is Claire, but it’s Claire and Nathan bonding as father and daughter- drinking and playing drinking games for money. Now, we’re getting somewhere. Angela and Peter spend some quality time at church and together, reflecting. It’s a Petrelli family reunion and everyone’s not acting like the Medici family. They’re actually doing a little of the bonding work necessary to bring the show back together. I have hope again.

Sylar’s a shape shifter now. Scary. And working for the “bad guys”. Ironic, no?

So, maybe we just needed a break. I needed to know emotionally that I could walk away from it if I needed to. It’s gonna take some time for me to rebuild the trust again, but I’m listening and not automatically erasing it out of DVR.

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