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I’ve watched all of the tv… any questions?

This week, actually the weeks leading up to the new year, I’ve been restless and watching too much tv. I’ve seen everything in my DVR and I use Law and Order to make me feel normal. I’ve also been incredibly bored because the stupid holidays made my favorite shows go away and then when they came back on they disappointed me. Was I expecting too much. I just needed my best friend tv to fill the whole others were filling with friends and love. Is that too much to ask Vampire Diaries? I know it’s the first week back and I’m going to give you my winners and losers list. And I expect these shows to take heed, because if I wanted to suffer this kind of disappointment I’d get a boyfriend.

Post Holiday winners:
#1 ALL TIME #1-GOOD WIFE! As usual, Good Wife gooooood! This week was a gentle transition back into Lockhart-Gardner sans a holiday episode and hitting the ground running. It seemed simple enough with a little art and a little flirting for Diane. She needs love. And summons mummons, get the man’s info girl.

And not they don’t get numbered ’cause they’re not Good Wife.

Revenge: This show has really surprised me ABC. I expected some WB wannabe show about spoiled rich white people and although it kinda is… well let’s be honest- I like revenge. When I read it was like The Count of Monte Cristo, they had me. I read that book every few years. I love it. So I have a genetic predisposition toward the victim becoming the villan and rooting for them. Because no matter how smart the Revenger is, it’s not going to work. They’re gonna fail and usually it’s that stupid love that’s gonna get them.

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