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So What, I’ve started watching 90210 again…

So Tanisha started it.  Now I’m right there between 10a-12p texting her like a 17 year old.  Thrilled that texting didn’t exist in my youth or I could have kissed that honors program scholarship good-bye.

We’ve observed that :
-20th century rich and 21st century rich is WAY different.  Like Bruce Wayne rich vs Tony Stark rich. 90210 in the ’90’s rich was BMW & Porche.  Today the Gossip Girl kids have drivers.  There weren’t many maids and nannies on 90210.  It was like working class rich.  There was a lot of shopping, but it’s TV and there’s always a lot of shopping.
-The Walsh twins are narcissitic assholes.
-Actually Brenda was the sanest one cause she got out of that incestual moshpit.

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