Hey Kurt Sutter- Thanks.

I’m re-watching SoA from the beginning with my husband in the UK and knowing what I know (I’m current) is enlightening.  You have been so respectful of your audience.  You didn’t go all Heroes on us and act like every week was a brand new series with a new set of rules and characters.  

There’s a line in “Giving Back” after Gemma asks Clay a favor and tells him she loves him and he said that loves going to kill him.  Even writing this now I don’t want to give too much away for those still watching because it’s so rich an experience it should be savored and respected.  I just wanted to tell you thanks for taking the time and fighting so hard to keep your vision.  I know it’s been tough.  I’m always checking for you on the internet and I must say that as much as I love Mad Men, you’ve been jerked around.  But Mad Men doesn’t use the word pussy, which makes your show touch my inner city heart more.  

Your character arcs have been true to and beautiful and I really appreciate your voice.  

Thanks again,


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