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I have to become a better boycotter…

Sochi 2014

I’m boycotting the Sochi Winter Olympics.  I can’t abide their social policies and the amount of graft and corruption used to build the stadiums in the warmest part of Russia.  & DUH!  There are TONS of gays there! People don’t have clean water as a nation but they spent a shit ton of money, how much is still up for debate, but it was a lot.

The problem is, I’m watching the Olympics.  I LOVE THE OLYMPICS.  I’ve watched them for almost 40 years now, and although the summer ones are my favorite, I love the humanity of them all.  Sure the winter ones are full of rich kids who can afford to spend enough time snowboarding & skiing to make it to the world stage of sport, but watching skiers fall makes me laugh.  I know it’s not right, but it does.  & speed skaters thighs…whoo!

So I’m sneaking and watching them here in Liverpool with my groom and laughing.  I’m cheating on my own boycott.  The thing that makes me go back to the strength of my convictions: curling.

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