Open Letter to Crazy Connecticut Monkey Lady

Dear Crazy Monkey Lady,

Monkey’s aren’t pets.  Chimpanzee’s aren’t people.  You can’t feed it, get it liquored up, have it BRUSH YOUR HAIR and  not expect it to go APE SHIT on somebody.  That’s where the term APE SHIT came from I think.

And on top of all of that, the thing that really is heartbreaking is that- the chimp had to die.  The chimp that was probably a little tipsy and on Xanax.  The chimp who has been turned into a surrogate human in a bunch of really messed up ways by this poor disturbed woman, had to get shot (after being stabbed and hit with a shovel).

That’s just fucked up.

Shame on you Crazy Monkey Lady.

Shame on you.


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