Open letter to The Lone Ranger

Dear Lone Ranger,

That ship has sailed.  You’re not going to recoup that money now.  You can show all the commercials you want, nobody wants to see that movie.  I haven’t seen it, because I DON’T WANT TO.  I’m not interested in your colonialism.  Nobody’s buying it.  Johnny Depp can do his level best to show how he has both Native and African American blood in his veins to prove that he’s not a colonialist playing a stereotypically offensive Native American in the 21st century, but nobody’s buying it.  He’s making millions of dollars, the movie cost over $250 million to make.  And they’re showing commercials for it weeks after it already flopped.  Maybe the international market is in the mood for this kind of nonsense.  I’d love to see what the numbers are in Turkey.

You’re welcome,


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