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Susan Kent: “Cece”

Finally, a new episode of Dingmantics!  This week, it’s a truly haunting tale from South Georgia, courtesy of Susan Kent (RISK!, The Moth Radio Hour, Tell It: Brooklyn), who in addition to being a great spinner of yarns, is one of the most generous, welcoming folks I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in the storytelling community.

To make up for the show’s long hiatus (which is totally not going to happen again, seriously y’all), this episode also features very exciting news about the future of the podcast! Specifically, it’s going to become a live show as well.  Starting in October, Dingmantics will be a monthly show featuring an open mic and featured storytellers at the Tank Theater here in New York, part of a larger series of monthly storytelling events.  I’m really excited to be a part of the project, and will be recording all the stories told at the show for possible inclusion on the podcast.  Plus, if you’re a storyteller, you’ll get a free recording of your piece.  Stay tuned for updates about the first show—and do come out if you’d like to tell a tale, or just have a drink and watch others do the same.

Thanks as always for tuning in!

Check out Susan’s great storytelling show Tell It: Brooklyn, follow her on Twitter, and read her blog, Southern Discomforts.

Dame Susan Kent.

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