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26 May, 2014

Gentrification Blues #3

This weekend was hot. It was the official beginning of summer. I barely left my

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16 Jan, 2013

Come On Brooklyn: or, Do I Have to Tell You Babies Don’t Belong in Bars?

I don’t think this should be necessary to write but:It’s not cool to take a

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2 Apr, 2009

Cigarettes are How Much: or Mayor Bloomberg can Suck It!

Cigarettes cost WHAT? $9 for a pack ofNewports(I’m black remember). Actually this all takes me

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11 Sep, 2008

Pissed: or “Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher”

So today is Sept. 11. That sucks. And in case you were planning on having

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17 Jun, 2008

Gentrification Blues part deux

In the bit about gentrification I kinda glossed over the fight part. This shit is

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2 Jun, 2008

Gentrification Blues

I live in Brooklyn. I live in a really beautiful part of Brooklyn. It’s near

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